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Making no sense at all if I spoke to you on Monday - the fever hit me bad.

Never posting. Why lie and say hardly posting, when it seems I never do these days.

Flipping you off yesterday while driving.

Still not watching Diving Bell on DVD. If you're still waiting for it on Netflix, I am to blame.

Only now reappearing in life. What can I say except two words: Duran. Tour.

Thinking that Jane's Addiction reuniting is still the show of the year after 4 Duran shows.

Not uploading photos taken in the last few months (Jane's, Duran, Max's graduation and whatever else is on the home computer).

Thinking it would be a good idea to have a Heavy Metal Parking Lot theme wedding. Like I said, the fever hit me bad.

Being beyond excited over getting Square Pegs on DVD.

Just not getting "it," whatever "it" may be is the real question.

Please note that I will attempt to be better at updates.

Please also note that I take back the apology for flipping you off yesterday. You deserved it for cutting in front of me and then slamming on the brakes to stare at high school girls you friggin' balding chicken hawk!
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