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I left work a bit early on Friday to deal with the headache that is the wedding invite situation (semi-resolved) and found myself wandering the aisles of Target. It was a location that I had not been to in a while, so it was a bit of a shock to walk around and see the state it was in. In fact, just when I was thinking to myself that it had become run down since my last visit I heard the noise.

It was a matter of seconds before I saw where the noise was coming from: a female in a blue shirt that was throwing her shoes in the direction of the salesclerk behind the camera counter. At first I thought that maybe she had been caught attempting to steal the shoes, but that was quickly corrected by the appearance of another, female in a pink top, also shoeless.

Apologies if I offend people reading but . . .

"Who do you think you are BITCH!"
"Oh no you ain't messing with me!"
"What? What? WHAT!"

Basically, I heard just about every bad movie girl fight cliche as I stood there with various other Target customers and staff as we watched the fight. From what I gather, Pink Top had bumped into Blue Shirt while in another department and followed Blue into the camera department to continue their argument. Quite honestly, I am unaware of these two girls knew each other, or if their friends that were with them knew each other. All I know is that Blue Shirt was not going down without a fight.

The security guard wasn't doing much to help the situation, but another sales clerk separated the two, moving Blue Shirt to one side of the circular camera counter, to the "joy" of the salesclerk who was comfortable in his safety zone. As soon as the clerk (not the one behind the counter) moved to talk to security, Blue Shirt quickly moved to start with Pink Top one more time. Let's just say that the whole thing was so fascinating that I completely forgot about the fact that I had a camera in the bag missed documenting the entire event.

Of course, that probably would not have been a good idea to be caught doing when the cops came to arrest Blue Shirt. I am not sure what exactly happened to start the fight, but it must have been something to have her visit to Target end with her being escorted by the police while still shoeless.

I went on to the register with my Xyron to find myself distracted by the sight of Pink Top and her friends, who were walking back into Target with the security guard. I'm not sure if she was allowed to purchase her items, but at least she was wearing shoes when she was walking back into the store.
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