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I am addicted to applications for the iPhone.  I swear, the battery runs out because of my need to play skee ball when stuck on those office calls that I really have no reason to be on, other than the fact that someone has decided I should be on them.

I stopped using my backpack for work due to the fact that I kept loading it up with more and more things that I convinced myself that I did need.  Seriously, is there a reason for me to carry around an extra pair of socks, 3 totes (in addition to the 3 I keep in the trunk of the car), 2 notebooks, a calendar and the DS?  True, the DS is necessary in case my phone needs to charge, but overall?  I'm trying to get by with a purse these days.  My back is still thanking me I think.

There is a large bruise on my thigh that appeared the other day.  I couldn't figure out where it came from then I realized that it is likely from my friend Kaidin, a 3 year old "sucker" kid that makes you think that they are all bright and easy to deal with.  We went swimming and as we did not have any floaties for Kaidin I held him while he bounced around on my lap.  

For the record, Kaidin is the one who began asking me if I was his friend, and then would proceed to tell people that I was his friend.  I was tempted to say no, but I couldn't when I saw how important it was for him to hear the word yes.  I swear, the pressure that the kid puts you under when he asks a simple question as if the world depends on whether or not you are his friend.  

Other than that, there are many things I could say but cannot at this time.  Some of it due to not being ready, some due to the fact that I will never be ready.  For the most part, I just am ending this entry because I want to watch the Wire on DVD.
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